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York Adult Cystic Fibrosis Unit


The cystic fibrosis specialist nurses are integral to the care of people living with CF. They will see you at inpatient and outpatient attendances, and coordinate your care. They are also usually your first point of contact in an emergency.

The nurse specialists at York runs the home antibiotic service. They are also supported by the ward staff who are trained in CF care, management of supplementary feeding, ventilatory support, port access and maintenance as well as care of the whole person living with CF.

If you need your Port flushing, or require a Midline for home IVs, then the nurses can hlp with this. You will see either Jue or Andrew at every clinic visit, and if you ned to change or re-book your appointment then they will be happy to help ou witth this.


download (10)My name is Andrew Booth and I'm the Advanced Nurse Specialist for Cystic Fibrosis. I trained at St James' University Hospital in Leeds, qualifying in 1989. For the last five years I've been working as a specialist nurse in Sheffield looking after people with breathing problems, and have recently completed my MSc in Respiratory Practice. I'm a 'Non Medical Prescriber' which means I can help support you with your meds, and organise any prescriptions you might need. At home I enjoy tinkering with my old 1969 Jaguar, or going for walks with my wife, daughter and our two retired racing Greyhounds.







julie3My name is Julie and I am the new Cystic Fibrosis specialist nurse at York Teaching Hospital. I trained at Sheffield university, qualifying in 1999. I've got a degree in nursing studies, have a teaching certificate and am curently doing a palliative care course. I've worked on ward 34 as a deputy sister for the last 8 years and have always been interested in Cystic Fibrosis so am very excited to now be working as part of the CF team here in York.  

Please feel free to contact either of us via phone or e-mail.



For many people living with CF, intravenous (IV) antibiotics can help recovery from an infection, or prevent existing infections from getting worse. The CF specialist nurses can help you to reduce your stay in hospital by enabling you to administer your own IVs at home. This can often be done as an out-patient without you having to stay overnight.

We always like to give the first dose of any antibiotics under supervision on ward 34. If you haven't had a particular antibiotic before, then we usually like to give you the first and second doses before you go home.

The IVs are manufactured and delivered by an extermal pharmacy called Calea Homecare. Under a prescription from us, the will deliver all the IVs, plus flushes, heparin, waste bins, a pharmaceutical frigde and any other consumables or supplies. When you've finished your IVs, they will collect everything, including any waste, and take it all away.

We usually like to see you back in clinic after each week of treatment. This is to check how you are, look at your IV line, check your liver and kidney blood function, and usualy ask you to do some Spirometry to see if your lung function has improved.

For more information about the IV at home service, feel free to contact Andrew or Julie.